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Several years back, when I was first getting involved with microbiological and antibacterial research, I saw antibiotic resistance as just another “stock” value proposition that scientists and businessmen used to get their latest idea funded. You know…the last of a series of bullet points on a powerpoint slide proclaiming the brilliance of some new and crazy antibacterial product that’s sure to revolutionize medicine. Sure, there were scattered news reports of failed antibiotics, hospital infection outbreaks, and even the odd dreaded flesh-eating infection that was non-responsive to all the traditional medications, but none of this was really affecting the average person in their home or their neighborhood family clinic. Of course, infections have always and will always be a serious concern, but modern medicine can keep cranking out new drug molecules faster than the bugs can come up with ways to defeat them……right?

Well the smart ones knew better back then, and today even I know better. With MRSA now recognized as a bigger killer than HIV/AIDS (really, it’s true……find out more here), it’s tough to find someone who doesn’t have a personal story about a hospital acquired or antibiotic resistant infection. MRSA, which is an acronym for the mouthful “methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus” is growing in prevalence both in the hospital and in the community, and if you haven’t heard about it yet you will soon enough. Sure, it’s only one of the bacterial strains that has developed resistance to some of our best antibiotics, but it’s the one that gets the most press and the one I’ll focus on in this blog. Think of MRSA as the iPhone of antibiotic resistant bacteria – it’s not the only game in town, but it certainly is the one you think of first when the conversation turns to smartphones. But back to the matter at hand……why should we all care about MRSA, how do we separate the facts from the myths about so-called “superbugs”, and most importantly what should we be doing about it? As you may have guessed, these and other issues will be the focus of this blog, and I hope it helps to further awareness about a worldwide healthcare concern that has the potential to evolve into a crisis if it continues to be swept under the proverbial “rug”.

Amazingly, and in the spirit of full disclosure, I now work for a company with one of those “new and crazy” antibacterial products that will revolutionize medicine, and in fact I do create powerpoint slides with value proposition bullet points all day long! However, we’re not going to focus on that side of things in this forum. Instead we’ll take a much more global approach to exploration of the impact of MRSA and other antibiotic resistant bacteria on our lives. I’ll often throw out some facts and, yes, invariably there will be some statistics; but I’ll try my best not to make this too dry or scientific. I also hope to shed some light on why certain countries and populations seem to “get it” when it comes to progressive MRSA infection control while others lag far behind; and why ultimately the macrostructure of a healthcare system dictates our safety when we walk through those hospital doors in our time of need.

To all – thanks for reading this first entry and hopefully you’ll stick around to see where this all goes!….

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