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What Happens When Your Food Is More Medicated Than You Are?

Got a cold? Forget Z-Pack, eat a hamburger.

According to an infographic created by Pew Charitable Trusts, human antibiotic use has leveled off at 7.7 million pounds, while antibiotics sold for meat and poultry products has reached a record level of 29.9 pounds in 2011. That’s almost four times as much.

Translation: nearly four-fifths of antibiotics used in the U.S. are being routed into the livestock industry, Mother Jones reported.

The infographic is based on the latest data released by the FDA in 2011.

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Antibiotic Contamination of Water: What Are The Long Term Effects On Us?

Huge amounts of antibiotics are consumed every year.  In 1954, two million pounds of antibiotics were produced in the US. Today, that figure is more than 50 million [1]. One statistic released by the FDA suggests that ~30 million pounds of antibiotics are used by livestock for growth promotion and prevention (prophylaxis) [2].

This massive usage of antibiotics is having a toll on the environment as residual antibiotics from human and animal use can enter the environment in many ways. The 3 primary ways are [3]:

1)      Wastewater effluent discharge

2)      Human/animal waste run off from land

3)      Leaching

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