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Things are Finally Looking Up for Flesh-Eating Bacteria Survivor Aimee Copeland

After a terrifying ordeal with the flesh-eating disease and an intensive, three month rehabilitation, we’re happy to report that Aimee Copeland is back—and stronger than ever.  Appearing recently in a talk show interview, the plucky, 24 year old grad student had a chance to speak about her near death struggle with Aeromonas hydrophila—the common waterborne bacterium that took both of her hands, feet and right leg.

Some readers may remember that Aimee’s troubles began after suffering a zip-line laceration that required more than 20 staples to close.  Unbeknownst to anyone at the time, the wound was contaminated with Aeromonas hydrophilia— an organism common in brackish waters of the Tallapoosa river, near where Aimee was swimming.  Before anything could be done, the infection had already begun to take root and within three days time, Aimee knew something was very wrong.   “My entire leg was a dark purple colour.  I wasn’t able to walk. I wasn’t able to speak. The only thing I was able to babble was, ‘I think I’m dying.”

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