Lessons from across the pond – Part 1

OK….aside from a lot of obligatory introductory babbling in my first post we’ve at least established that MRSA is an acronym describing strains of the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus that have become resistant to commonly used antibiotics. MRSA has become a pretty hot topic in the last few years – who wouldn’t be concerned about a “deadly superbug” that can strike man, woman, and child with almost no warning? Read More

Welcome to MRSA Topic

Several years back, when I was first getting involved with microbiological and antibacterial research, I saw antibiotic resistance as just another “stock” value proposition that scientists and businessmen used to get their latest idea funded. You know…the last of a series of bullet points on a powerpoint slide proclaiming the brilliance of some new and crazy antibacterial product that’s sure to revolutionize medicine. Read More

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